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My name is Michele and I'm a student in informatic tecnology (computer science). I like the expression "citizen of the world" , as I think that nations are just a geografical connotation defining some place on Earth , not the mentallity of the people ihabitating them (that 'd make me feel a chocolate-block). So by now , I live in Italy. I spend a lot of time on PC , just to get experience, because in school here.... let it be.

by the way , I often even take some PC-insulation period, that's why one could'not find me for some days on the Web (don't think I hate you if not answered at once, just give me some time )

I've been tought programming in Pascal and VB,

then I decided to enter C on my own, and I'm going to taste java as soon as I could.

I like English, and this mean that I'm prone to improve it: so if something is not good , next time will be better