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Cmospwd.png NTFS driver & Change a NT password from MSDOS (March 25, 2002)
You can access in read/write mode your NTFS partition files from MSDOS and you can change Windows administrator password.
It works for NT 3.5 and NT 4. Support for >8Gb hard disk.

Example to copy a file from a NTFS partition, change a password and modify it on the NTFS partition:

a:> ntcp ///winnt/system32/config/sam sam
a:> chntpw -i sam
a:> ntchange sam ///winnt/system32/config/sam

For Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 2008, use this NT Passwd bootdisk
You can also try Ophcrack. It's a Windows password (Vista supported) cracker based on rainbow tables.