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Feel free to request support or additional features.
But as development and support are very time consuming, even though they aren't required,
donations are welcome.

TestDisk support

If you need support for TestDisk,

  • run testdisk_win.exe or testdisk,
  • choose 'Create a new log file',
  • select your hard disk,
  • select the partition type,
  • choose Analyse, Quick Search and next Deeper Search
  • for each partition, use 'p' to list the files,
  • at the end, choose Quit,

Please post on the forum a description of your problem

  • the testdisk.log file,
  • a brief explanation about the problem and
  • some information (size, label, filesystem type) about your previous partitions.

By default, file name extensions for known file types are hidden by Windows Explorer - modify this setting if you have difficulties in locating the testdisk.log file.

If you need to contact the developer (bug report, feature request...), send an email to

PhotoRec support

If PhotoRec won't recover certain types of files, please send to

  • some file samples that PhotoRec doesn't recognise yet, or
  • some unmodified pictures taken with your digital camera and the exact model.