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TestDisk and the other utilities are, and will remain, free software. I am a strong believer in the free/GPL software concept.
Any time spent on TestDisk and the other utilities is time I am not doing paid work for something else, and sometimes that's a lot of time! This includes continuing development as well as answering queries and providing support to current and prospective users.
Therefore if you've used TestDisk, PhotoRec and the other utilities and have found them useful, and maybe feel like giving something back and contributing to the cause then please feel free to click on one of the links below.

  • My Amazon wish list can be found on Amazon (FR) web site. Usually there is no shipping cost, avoid Chronopost "éclair" shipping.
  • I am collecting Euro coins.
  • If you prefer, I have also a PayPal account. You can change the default amount.