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DOS Boot Disk and TestDisk

To run TestDisk under DOS, the file cwsdpmi.exe (included in our DOS/Win9x download), must be present in the same folder (or at least in the PATH when run). You could:

1) Copy testdisk.exe (and cwsdpmi.exe) to an existing DOS boot disk (if
there's enough space AND you don't mind writing to it), or
2) Copy the two files to a separate diskette, boot your system with an
existing DOS boot disk, then run TestDisk from its own disk, or
3) Create a simple boot disk just for TestDisk.

To format a new floppy disk in your A: drive with only the DOS system boot files under DOS/Win9x, enter: format a: /s
To make an existing floppy disk (in your A: drive) bootable under DOS/Win9x, enter: sys a:
Under Windows 9x/Windows ME, go to: Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Add Remove Programs --> Startup Disk --> Create Disk.
You can also download bootdisk images or self-creating programs from: .


TestDisk works under FreeDOS Beta 8. You can get FreeDOS at (Beta 8 or more recent).

It's also possible to create a TestDisk FreeDOS LiveCD.

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