3.3. Compilation

3.3.1. Compilation from source archive

Once you have downloaded the source archive from https://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Download, run

tar xjf testdisk-7.2-WIP.tar.bz2
cd testdisk-7.2-WIP
./configure && make

3.3.2. Compilation from git repository

git clone https://git.cgsecurity.org/testdisk.git

If you have already cloned the project, to update your local copy, run git pull from the testdisk directory.

cd testdisk
mkdir config
autoreconf --install -W all -I config

3.3.3. Compiling a static version

Once you have been able to build a “normal” version, you can try to build a static version.

make static

A static build is a compiled version of a program which has been statically linked against libraries. A static binary does not depend on library availability of the computer it’s running on, usually you can copy this binary on another computer and it will work. It is still architecture specific (i.e. CPU) and may be kernel (OS version) dependent, so static binaries may be used for portable applications. For the build to be successful, you may have to install static version of libraries.